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Re: David

During it all, the narrative that had set things in motion eventually gets thinned-out and discarded; and rightfully so. Because whims occur and physical limitations arise that were never part of the "plan". I know that the whole thing is going well when the object quits on the story.
The "robot" thing is simply a very agreeable way to execute figuration out of metal junk. Of course it will get attached to me as a "style" but in the end I dont find it all that much different than the abstractions.
Someone will buy him eventually...and that bugs me a little right now...but it wont bother me down the road when plenty of other fresh stuff has accumulated around the yard, the tonnage can become alarming; but for now, I stationed him near my concrete workpad. We'll discuss philosophy while I labor and then I'll let him whirlygig himself over to the beer store so as not to become lazy.
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