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Re: David

Originally Posted by grommet View Post
Do you refer to your sketches as you work, or after complete? Just curious.

I suppose the idea-development is work...though significantly more passive. So sketches would be there along with looking at pictures, reading some words and allocating/separating-out material. But often things I call sketches might be gesture studies on paper or even in steel. its the way you search for the "right" thing. Most of the time the sketches serve to show me all the wrong things. When its go-time all bets are off and all those sketches get left in the dust. I probably only did them to validate the time it takes to work up the nerve to tackle the real thing.

So yes, sketches are work, and might even be a fleeting sample of HARD work, but they are not THE work.
And they can be peddled also...cause every little bit counts back there in the ant colony.
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