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Originally Posted by GlennT View Post
In the second photo I'm imagining all of those peewee sculptures in the background running for cover. The one to the immediate right of the Giant Killer looks like it is frozen in shock from the sight of G.K.

Right,.. I have to admit I didn't think he could pull it off and not because of the skills, but rather the context. David and Goliath remain timeless I guess as far as themes and ideas go so I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss them as being implausable today. It reminds me of Mountshang's question about religeous works and whatnot on some other distant thread.

He does have a rather studly air about him that make all of the others seem like tomato plant supports and various garden crafts and wind chimes in comparison. The next big one is only a fixed amount of time away. Hard work in the right hands=great sculpture.
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