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Just poured:

The result after hosing off the investment:

Some flashing and some scabbing. Fortunately most all of the scabbing is on her back in areas that will be covered by her braids anyway.

I learned something else with this pour:
I brush on several coats of investment, beginning with plaster and silica flour for the first coat. What I learned here, in no uncertain terms, is that if I am going to brush on only a thin layer then I had damn well better pour the investment before the brushed on layer sets up or I will get some scabbing. The alternative, which I usually do, is to brush on about 1/4 inch of investment and let it set. That 1/4 inch is too thick to scab. I brushed it on her head thin and it came out great, but her head was already in place to pour the investment and no time was lost. With her torso it took much longer to get it ready to pour the investment.
Anyway, I have a usable casting. Just needs a bit of work.

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