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Re: How important is drawing for sculptors?

At 5' 2'' and 112 pounds I am a bad man,all ego to boot.But seriously,yall have missed my point.Oddist brought up a great point about David Smith,I actually use this method myself a lot after beeing influenced by his work.I also think you guys are missing my point.Drawing is a great tool,but you do not have to follow a pre drawn image to sculpt something.Of course commision work,large and small,needs to be drawn out,but to sujest art is not "Worthy" of being visual good because it is not drawn,or an artist does not have wonderful life drawing skills is ignorant.Of course I understand the importance of drawing,but not everybody has to do it.Ego has nothing to do with it.Are art school had no money,so we learned to build out of scrap,work material for it's properties at hand.David smith was a huge influence on us.It is more about building with passion,fly by the pants engineering,and materials at hand.Hey iron man I am like you,but instead of moving from NY I moved to the Appalachian mountains after being in art complex's around artist for years.I found this site and got all fired up ,and thought I would learn,listen and share.Hey I am no better then anybody,expesially after reading about Albert Paley in Craft magazine,but I am full of energy,information,and probally a little ego to boot.Hell, I would have been drownded in the art sceen a long time ago if I did not believe in myself and work.Before this post blows I will offer a peace offering,as my toothless redneck niegbor used to say as he smiled"who love ya baby"..........Eric
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