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Re: Noah.

It wont really be Noah by the time I'm through with it. I will let it stay human - see it through as a figurative piece that resonates the "tone" that I am after. But the story is the beginning, remember; a launching place. I am in charge of this Noah, and I will not be bound by a story.

Yes, It is indeed handy that someone will be paying me straight away (it will buy my son his braces...he's thrilled). But I was due to make a large figure anyways; after all those little carved ones. It might not have been a Noah, I was thinking Gregor Samsa - depicted as he was before his big change. but I am looking forward to tackling that beard - never done one before.

He will be sinewy...not idealized, his "age or "old-ness" is not a matter of consequence - all the intensity he needs is found in the contemplative nature. The "action" is, this time, better served when it is not illustrated. Perhaps some wind will be affecting him...In the end it will be a thousand pounds of mangled metal - metal that gave me a whirl and a flurry.... to get me fit, in every way, to do the next one.

I do have another sketch that I will submit. So there will be two to choose from. I'll post it as soon as its done.

Thanks for all the good input.
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