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Re: Sculpting Stand

Originally Posted by HappySculpting
here's a link to a stool that would work well for a stand but someone said it wasn't available in the U.S. Maybe it could be found, though, with a little research...
I have one of this adjustable height stool, bought from Ikea perhaps two years ago. But now I can't find it anymore in their 2006 catalog. I did think about using it as a sculpting stand, but finally I didn't as I find this stool too low for this purpose.

As a sculpting stand, I often make use of a two-wheel kitchen trolley also by Ikea. On top I put a lazy susan. If one does not do knocking and banging on things on top, it should be strong enough for 100 lb and perhaps 150 lb works. For small artworks, I put a sitting stool on top and next a small lazy susan. I have more details on this including photos in another thread.

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