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IS the life of a painter easier? and other stuff

Hey all,

Yeah i was invited to the house of a painter the other evening. I went there with no preconceptions i just went there to meet up & say hi to someone i had seen around in galleries a bit but had never thought about where they work/live. He's a successful painter, as successful as you get. I was blown out by such a nice old house with hidden huge yard with a magnificent studio, right in the middle of town. But mainly what knocked me out was all the work! Every square foot of wall in the house was covered by paintings. Not all were his, all sorts of people's paintings & quite a few sculptures around the place. My visit got me thinking on several lines...

firstly... i wonder where did i f' up that i still have not even got a studio, let alone a place to live of my own... i am saving up a deposit on something, so i got hopes for one day maybe - but you know like in the meantime i got no studio. it would be lovely to have a place where only i go. painters can much easier rent studios, cos they don't use angle grinders & make massive clouds of dust & mud. as soon as i mention what i'm going to do there.. it becomes "well no.."

2ndly... as a sculptor, or any artist, making stuff is the way to get good at it, practice & work is what it takes. But even if you keep them small, they are all 3d, you don't have the same ability to wallpaper your house with them or stack them like you can with 2d stuff. So do painters have it easier? but i still don't want to be a painter even if i could.

thirdly... a mixture of the 2 above things.. why am i sitting here surfing the net, instead of sculpting... cos i don't have a studio with lights & armchairs & SPACE maybe? or is it just my lack of willpower? what i need is to be alone in quiet, which is an impossible thing where i live. But if i made something every day - what a great idea! i'd need to throw most of it away afterwards, cos 7 new sculptures a week might be a bit much. But is that bad?

anyway just some thoughts... meaningless. but i did really enjoy visiting & seeing how a successful artist lives, an eye-opener. hopefully it'll get me out of my rut.
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