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Re: A "carving" experiment

I thought of that T, but theres a "Gumby" element to that that I didnt like. The idea of beginning with the cookie-cut version of a figure put me off in the sense that no matter how thick it was it was beginning flat. And the long clumsy curves that arrive when you bend chunkss like that would not serve the visual "points" of stance. I decided that the gesture would best be served if certain angles were "built" into the solid mass before I started the carving. I dont mind that I "get happy" and over-attack on the removal side of things because steel can always be put back on.

What number tip are you using T, to cut that 2" plate. I'm working so far with a plain ol #5 but suspect that a 7 would do better (quicker).

The gasoline torch just moved way up on the list.
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