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Old 03-10-2004, 10:49 PM
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Tiptoeing timorously toward the figurative.

Tiptoeing timorously toward the figurative.

It seems that I rarely heard back from sculpture competitions wherein the selected pieces were put on public display in urban settings for extended periods.

Suddenly, the mermaid seems to be in demand (oh darn and I had stupidly ruined the latex mold by using an oil based wax as a release agent)
In conversations with the committee folks, they are saying things like-----"We had one other figurative piece 2 years ago"(though I had thought the piece rather nondescript), or "This is our first figurative piece". Baby steps-----successive approximations toward a goal. OK so she has breasts covered with hair, and no crotch-so she's almost a draped or clothed figurative-----but at least they are nibbling. ----maybe, one day…..-When I'm sculpting, I never think of them as "nudes" just as muscled bodies in suspended motion.

She is on display in Cedar Rapids, and now requested in Moline----(9 weeks before she is due to come down in C.R.)
'tain't much but both venues offer a stipend---and She does get to be mounted on a downtown street and share her beauty with some strangers.
Kinda nice----
Last time I was in C.R., some suited business types were pointing and hollering at their friends and me and Isis on the truck----as I rolled down the window one was hollering "HEY THAT"S THE GUY WHO DID THE MERMAID". ---- They thumbs upped me and shouted a compliment or 2. So I guess they like seeing her.

So, I've been rebuilding the latex portion of the mold with hardware store latex caulk, shaping it with carved spatulas, rubber clay tools, and ground putty knives-----just like working the clay, but I'm struggling to think insideout and swapping positive for negative. Maybe this was easier when I was younger. C'EST le vie.

So the process seems to've worked and I got the exhaust fan on high trying to evacuate the fumes from the shellac and now the pva and it's 30 degrees outside. Pace, read a bit, pace, touch the mold to test the cure, wash my hand, pace, read a bit, write this,…………

She'll be ready in 3 weeks, and mounted April 10----(I hope)

OOPS back to my main thread-----does anyone else perceive this "Tiptoeing timorously toward the figurative." trend or am I suffering from an inductive reasoning delusion?

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